Friday, January 4, 2008

Arab-American actor: Arab community should invested in its cinema to counter Arab stereotypes

"Tony Shaloub, actor and producer of hit US show Monk, [...] said it was vital that the Arab community invested in its cinema to counter Arab stereotypes in the West and presented its own stories.

"He was speaking ahead of the screening of AmericanEast, a film about Arab-Americans living in post 9/11 Los Angeles which made its Middle East premiere last night. 'There is a drought of Arab-American films,' said Shaloub. 'So many times Arab-Americans are stereotyped. We need to get some of these stories told.'

"Rather than waiting for Hollywood to make those films, he believes that the Arab and Arab-American community should begin making those movies. It was this belief that apparently pushed AmericanEast to be made. [...]"

Source: Khaleej Times (UAE), December 11, 2007

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

2007 Ten Moroccan Blockbuster Movies

  1. Les Anges de Satan (Satan's Angels), by Ahmed Boulane
  2. Nancy et le monstre (Nancy and the monster), by Mohamed Frites
  3. Parfum de mer (The Perfume of the Sea), by Abdelhai Laraki
  4. Moroccan dream, by Jamal Belmejdoud
  5. Abdou chez les Almohades (Abdou at the Ablouhades'), by Said Naciri
  6. Wake up Morocco, by Narjiss Nejjar
  7. WWW What a wonderful world, by Faouzi Bensaidi
  8. L'enfant endormi (The sleepy child), by Yasmine Kessari
  9. La Simphonie marocaine (The Moroccan Symphony), by Kamal Kamal
  10. Real Premonition, by Ahmed Ziad