Sunday, September 30, 2007

A "Life-Affirming" Movie from Lebanon

Bosta (2007)

Director: Philippe Aractingi
Script Writer: Philippe Aractingi
Cast: Rodney El Haddad (Kamal), Nadine Labaki (Lia), Nada Abou Farhat (Vola), Omar Rajeh (Omar) Liliane Nemri (Arze), Bshara Atallah (Khalil), Mounir Malaeb (Toufic), Mahmoud Mabsout (Caretaker), Rana Alamudin Karam (Isabelle)
Guest Stars: Sabah, Rouweida Attieh
Release Date: February 21, 2007
Genre: Musical
Country: Lebanon
Time: 1 h 42
Music: Ali El Khatib, Martin Russell, Simon Emmerson
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About the Movie: "BOSTA" (the Autobus) is a film that is set in Lebanon with some of the most popular actors, dancers, choreographers in the Arab world. It is the first post-war Lebanese musical with contemporary Middle Eastern, and more precisely Lebanese rhythms, such as the Dabke dance, which is at the foreground of the Lebanese national folklore.
It is also the first Lebanese film to be entirely funded by private Lebanese investors. This represents a breakthrough in terms of production because Lebanese films, like in most countries in transition, rely mainly on western cultural funds. Through a financial establishment, participation shares were issued allowing the private and business sectors in Lebanon and the Arab world to invest in the movie.
The music of Bosta has also been a great challenge. It has made it possible to join efforts between local composers (Ali el Khatib) and the Afro Celt Sound System, a British group from Peter Gabriel's label "Real World". Such collaboration is the first in the local cinema production scene.
As you may know Lebanon is passing through crucial changes and the present news show the urge to adjust the image one has of Lebanon. There is a call for freedom and change. This film is a timely film that deals with the contemporary Lebanese society in a creative way and gives a positive outlook to the future away from the stereotypical image of war and terrorism. Source:
About the Director: Philippe Aractingi was born in Lebanon in 1964. After two years in London and Paris he returned to Lebanon, aged 21, and was hired by the LBC Television Network. His big numbers of documentaries include ‘The Dream of the Acrobat Child’ (1996), for which he won the Grand Jury Prize at the Film Festival of Beirut. ‘Bosta’ is his first fiction feature. Source: