Saturday, September 29, 2007

New Algerian Movie against Extremism

Morituri (2007)

Director: Okacha Touita
Script Writer:
The movie is based upon the novel Morituri by the famous Algerian novelist Yasmina Khadra. Other writers have partecipated in writing the movie's script: Michel Alexandre, Nadia Char and Okacha Touita
Cast: Miloud Khetib (Commissaire Brahim Llob)
Azzedine Bouraghda (Lino)
Boualem Benani (Le directeur de la police)
Ahmed Benaissa (Commissaire Dine)
Rachid Fares (Lieutenant Serdj)
Release Date: April 25, 2007
Genre: Political Drama
Country: Algeria, France
Time: 1h 56
Music: Rachid Taha
Movie's Official website:

Plot Synopsis: Civil war tears Algeria apart. Police captain Brahim Llob, also a writer in his spare time, spends his days hunting down Islamic fundamentalists. He has hence become their prime target; each day his fear grows as he goes to work at the Alger police headquarters. He must find a former senior government official’s daughter who has gone missing.Upright, with a biting wit and mocking attitude, cynical and disillusioned, Llob heads the investigation with his colleagues, officers Lino and Serdj. He quickly realizes that he’s treading on dangerous ground. His investigation leads him on the trail of a terrorist group given the task of wiping out Algerian intellectuals, and to people implicated in a scandal to do with the national bank.He then discovers, with the assistance of his colleague Dine, his ousted predecessor, that he has been manipulated by a politico-financial mafia. Now a nuisance for the powers that be, and on the brink of publishing Morituri, an exposé, Llob is forced to take early retirement – and to be fast about it. Source:
About the director: Okacha Touita was born in Mostaganem, Algeria. After studying at the Institut de Formation Cinématographique, he joined the film industry as an actor and director. He has also worked as assistant director on several films, notably with Olivier Assayas. In 1982, he directed his first feature, "Les Sacrifiés," which won the Georges Sadoul Prize and the Audience Award at the Orléans Movie Seminar. Touita is also a stage actor. Source:
About Yasmina Khadra: Yasmina Khadra is the pseudonym of the Algerian author Mohammed Moulessehoul, who was born in 1956. He took the feminine pseudonym to avoid submitting his manuscripts for approval by military censors while he was still in the Algerian army. He went into exile in France in 2000, where he now lives in seclusion. In his several writings on the civil war in Algeria, Khadra exposes the current regime and the fundamentalist opposition as the joint guilty parties in the Algerian Tragedy. Before his admission of identity in 2001, a leading critic in France wrote: "A he or a she? It doesn't matter. What matters is that Yasmina Khadra is today one of Algeria's most important writers." Source:
Yasmina Khadra's Official website: