Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Account on You Tube was closed due to graphic images on tortures in Egypt

"The video-sharing Web site YouTube has restored the account of a prominent Egyptian anti-torture activist, and said on Monday he may repost graphic images of purported rights abuses if he puts them in proper context.
"Wael Abbas said last week that YouTube had suspended his account and that around 100 images he had posted, including clips of police brutality, purported voting irregularities and anti-government demonstrations were no longer accessible. [...]

" 'Our general policy against graphic violence led to the removal of videos documenting alleged human rights abuses because the context was not apparent,' the statement [in You Tube] said. 'Having reviewed the case, we have restored the account of Egyptian blogger Wael Abbas. And if he chooses to upload the video again with sufficient context so that users can understand his important message, we will of course leave it on the site.'
"The statement did not clarify what would constitute sufficient context.
"Rights activists had complained that by shutting down Abbas's account, YouTube was closing a significant portal for information on rights abuses in Egypt just as Cairo was escalating a crackdown on opposition and independent media."
Source: Al Arabiya (Saudi-owned, Dubai-based), December 3, 2007