Friday, December 14, 2007

"Arab film replaces Bin Laden with Bellydancing"

"No bombs. No bloodshed. No bin Laden. Belly dancing is the theme Moroccan director Nabil Ayouch says can best communicate the Arab world to the West and reconcile cultural differences. 'Whatever Lola Wants,' Ayouch's story of an American woman who encounters Arab life through belly dancing lessons, premiered at the Dubai International Film Festival this week, impressing many critics. [...]

" 'It's so much better to give the image of the Arab world through belly dancing than Osama bin Laden... it's all a question of misunderstanding and it's not because we are different, we can't talk or understand each other,' he [Nabil Ayouch] said. Ayouch hopes Lola will make it in Hollywood. [...] 'Most of the movies I have seen in America about the Arab world are always talking about the same matters -- terrorism, bombings, arms, fighting -- but what Lola carries back with her to New York is belly dancing,' he said. [...]"