Monday, December 17, 2007

"The white hawk" project put in the shelves

"This year's celebration of El Emir Abdelkader's allegiance paid to him by the Algerian people was intended to mark the kick off of the film dedicated to him put in the shelves for so many years.

"The minister of culture Ms Khalida Toumi has, officially announced the resuming of this old artistic project in a press conference after having called upon M. Boualem Bessayeh to write the script of this giant project pending a director and a producer to start the shooting. But this long awaited event doesn't seem to materialize so far. Asked about the project, well informed sources from the ministry of culture said that this one counts among the major projects of the Algerian president, and nobody knows about the details except the minister herself.

"For his part, the head of the film industry department at the ministry M. Karim Ait Meziane denied in previous declarations that the movie would be part of the event 'Algiers, capital of Arab culture2007', while unnamed sources revealed that the project was topped a priority of the event. The overall amount of money allotted by the president Bouteflika was estimated at around USD 5 million. [...]"

Source: Echorouk (Algeria), December 15, 2007