Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Algeria launches its first short film festival

Algeria will launch its first short film festival the “Taghit d’or”on Monday

Preparations for the first edition of the short film festival « Taghit d’or » (Golden Taghit) due to take place in the Bechar (southern Algeria) from 11-17 November are well underway according to the organizers.
Some 30 movie makers as well as several guests pertaining to the world of culture and media will take part to the first cultural event of its kind in Algeria, the same source added. Several movie screenings are slated for this occasion in various parts of the town, in addition to the organization of seminars aiming at promoting local artifacts.
The “ Taghit d’or” short film festival stems from the other major Algerian film festival, “the Fenec d’or” which aims at boosting young gifted artists and give them the opportunity to shed light on their creations as well as exchanging their experiences in this field. The event will coincide with the opening of the tourist season in this desert region, which will lift people’s spirit and push them to shift their interest in this event.

Source: Echorouk (Algeria), November 5, 2007