Friday, November 2, 2007

A Tunisian Movie on poverty and violence

Tender is the worlf (2006, Ors El Dhab)

Jilani Saadi
Script Writer: Jilani Saadi
Cast: Abdelmoumen Chouiette, Anissa Daoud, Atef Ben Hessin, Habib Ben Mbarek, Mohamed Graya
Release Year: 2006
Genre: Drama
Country: Tunisia
Time: 83 min

About the Movie:
"[...] Tender Is the Wolf is a sensitive but bleak drama which shows the tumultuous consequences of a crime committed by the group of outcasts a Tunisian man hangs out with. Unemployed and directionless, the gentle, lumbering Stoufa (Mohamed Hassine Graya) meets up with his three pals on a corner one cold winter night in Tunis to drink and hang out. It is there that they encounter Salousa, a willful, talkative young prostitute they know. Conversation leads to confrontation, and the friends impulsively gang rape the woman as she hopelessly tries to stop the assault. The next day the woman enlists her thuggish brother to track down her attackers and deal with them. Stoufa, though not having participated, is nonetheless violently beaten. Yet, with something still troubling him, he meets with the woman and a tentative, unusual relationship develops between them. This dark, unsettling urban drama [...] explore a cold urban world of poverty and violence. Source:

About the Director:
Jilani Saadi was born in Bizerte, Tunisia in 1962. After film studies in Paris, he made his first short film in 1994 and then a medium length film, Café-Hôtel de l’Avenir, in 1997, and the feature films Khorma, le Crieur de Nouvelles in 2003 and Ors El Dhib in 2006.