Monday, November 19, 2007

Terror decade in Algeria thwarted movie creation

The Algerian movie critic and head of Geneva Arab Film Festival, Belghoul Benaouda was present at "Taghit d'or" Film Festival along with several movie critics and experts who have been invited to take part to this important cultural event. As one of numerous Algerian authors and artists living overseas, M Benaouda gave a brief interview to "Echorouk" reporter in which he talked thoroughly about today's movie industry.

Q: What is, in your opinion, asked from the new generation of movie lovers?

A: The black decade stopped the young creator's impetus in this field, but now, the emerging talents have to think anew and develop new ideas in the audiovisual field. We are living a new era controlled by the image. Europe, for instance is using picture as a weapon in cinema and TV to control the masses, the time has come for the gifted new generation to set aside the traditional vision of movie- making, they have to adapt their art to the modern standards, by and large, portray their living conditions realistically.
Source: Echorouk (Algeria), November 16, 2007