Friday, November 2, 2007

A Movie on Music as a tool against bigotry and violence

100% Arabica (1997)

Director: Mahmoud Zemmouri (Algeria)
Script Writer: Marie Laurence Attias, Mahmoud Zemmouri
Cast: Cheb Khaled, Cheb Mami
Release Date: 5 November 1997 (France)
Genre: Musical Comedy
Country: France/Belgium/Switzerland
Time: 85 min

About the Movie: "In this light-hearted musical comedy with a message, a North African pop group called Rap Oriental uses music to triumph over the bigotry and violence in their housing project on the outskirts of Paris. The band and their devoted fans are pitted against religiously conservative elders who want to stop the music. The film features Khaled and Cheb Mami, two real-life stars of Rai music - a combination of North African sounds and western-style rap. The pair offers a message with a beat as they rock, groove, and ultimately soothe their 'hood with their unique sound." Source: African Diaspora Fil Festival

About the Director:
Mahmoud Zemmouri is a well-known Algerian movie Director, living in France.