Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Al Daly: An Egyptian Ramadan Serie reminding of Hariri's assassination

Al Daly

Yousif Sharaf Al Deen
TV Channel: LBC (Lebanese channel)
Cast: Noor Al-Sharif (known Egyptian actor), Sawsan Bader, Mahmoud Al Jundi, Salah Abdullah, Salah Rashwan, Muhammad Metwali, Osama Abas, Wafa Salim
Genre: Drama

About the TV Serie: The series is about the changing of political, social and economic issues between the years 1979 and 1992. The drama stars prominent Egyptian actor Noor El Sharif, who plays the role of a well-known politician that faces assassination. There is a great deal of speculation around who could be this Sa’ed Al Daly representing in real life. [...]
The character Sa’ed Al Daly is thought to represent the late engineer Othman Ahmad Othman, the founder of the company “Arab Distributors” and the Minster of housing during the late Egyptian president term Anwar Al Sadat. But many believe that the character in fact is more similar to that of the late Prime Minister of Lebanon Rafiq El Hariri. However, both assumption may be true and the character could be portraying other well-know political personalities in the Arab world. [...]

Source: (Jordan)