Friday, October 5, 2007

Arab movies awarded at San Sebastian Film Festival

Arab directors took the biggest share of interest at San Sebastian Film Festival. The organizers awarded the Palestinian movie “Salt of this sea” to his director Anne Marie Jacir along with the Jordan’s “Recycle” to Mahmoud Al Massad. Both directors shared the Cinema in Movement award. As result of this award, both directors will have the opportunity to make final touches to their cinematographic projects. As concerned the Palestinian’s “Salt of this sea”, a consistent help will be given by the Moroccan Cinematographic center in addition to a financial aid amounting to (21,150 US dollars).
On the other Hand, the Jordanian “Recycle” will receive the same amount of money in addition to a technical help dealing with post- production work at the National Center of French Cinematography. His director expressed his joy for this personal achievement “The “I am very honored to have received this award," said Al Massad”. The Cinema in Movement award was open to works from Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Palestine, Syria, Tunisia and Portuguese-speaking African countries and offered jointly by the San Sebastian, Freiburg, Amiens and Tarifa film festivals. The aim is to "produce unfinished films and act as an effective bridge between professionals, firms and institutions" in these countries, and those in Europe and Latin America.
Source: (Algeria)