Friday, October 26, 2007

The Tunisian Quentin Tarantino

VHS Kahloucha (2006)

Director: Nejib Belkadhi
Script Writer: Nejib Belkadhi
Cast: Moncef Kahloucha
Release Date: December 2006
Genre: Documentary
Country: Tunisia
Time: 80 min.

About the Movie:
"Tunisia is not a country renowned for its film industry. [...] Apparently no one told this to Moncef Kahloucha. A charismatic, impassioned house painter, Kahloucha has always harbored a great love for cinema, especially 1970s genre cinema.
"Armed with his VHS Panasonic 3500, Kahloucha has made a battery of homage pieces including I Had No Money and Now I'm Loaded and Misery to Get Rid of the Booze. Deep in production on his latest feature, Tarzan of the Arabs, Kahloucha is endearingly painted in this astounding documentary.

Tunisino, VHS Kahloucha's Soundtrack

"Watch as Tunisia's Quentin Tarantino employs the help of local acting talent to stage intense chases, well-choreographed fight sequences and fantastical plotlines, and wait until you see to what lengths Kahloucha will go to get the perfect shot.
"Nejib Belkadhi's entertaining portrait captures not only the ray of light that Kahloucha shines into the mundane lives of his cast, crew and viewers, but also a personal side of the filmmaker as he reveals his secret love for his favorite lead actress, a sultry senior citizen who is at constant odds with her spouse about her role in the films. For anyone who has ever dreamed of making a movie, Kahloucha's story is an inspirational revelation." Source:

About the Director: Nejib Belkadhi is a Tunisian film director

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