Monday, October 1, 2007

MBC cancelled a sensitive TV serie on "temporary marriage" after Kuwaiti ban

Lil Khataya Thaman (Sins have a Price)

Before the beginning of the month of Ramadan MBC announced Monday that it would "cancel a controversial TV series scheduled to air in the Muslim holy month of Ramadan after Kuwaiti authorities banned the program.The new series, 'Lil Khataya Thaman' or (Sins have a Price), is based on the sensitive issue of "temporary marriage" - a practice unique to Shiite Islam. [...]

"But MBC – the parent company of Al Arabiya News Channel – said the series did not contain any offensive content and did not mean to insult any religious sect. The company also said the series was attacked before it was screened. [...]

"Kuwaiti newspapers had earlier hinted at the upcoming ban, saying some Shiites viewed the series as a direct insult to their beliefs in the way it portrayed the issue of temporary marriage ('zawaaj al-mutaa'). But the show's producer, Nayef Al Rashed, said the series was simply misunderstood.'We discuss the way temporary marriage, permitted under the Jafaari [Shiite] sect, is misused, but we also present examples of people who use it in the right way', Rashed said.

"Al Rashed said he in no way meant to insult the Jafaari beliefs and insisted he would never raise issues that would trigger sectarian strife or social unrest. According to Al Rashed, Sins have a Price is a social drama that profiles the lives of men and women who misunderstand Islam, and tackles a variety of topical issues such as civil marriage, disobedience of parents, and other behaviors that he described as 'intrusions into Gulf society'. [...]"

See MBC Videos on the TV Serie in You Tube:

Source: , September 10, 2007