Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Algerian Movie against Terrorism

Rachida (2002)

Director: Yasmina Bachir
Script Writer: Yasmina Bachir
Cast: Ibtissem Djouadi, Bahia Rachedi, Rachida Messaoui En, hamid Remas, Zaki Boulenafed, Amel Choukh, Abdelkader Belmokadem, Azzedine Bougherra
Release Date: May 21, 2002 (Cannes Film Festival)
Genre: Drama
Country: Algeria
Time: 100 min

About the Movie: "Rachida, a young and self-assured teacher at an elementary school, becomes the target of terrorists when she refuses to place a bomb in her classroom. This acclaimed debut feature offers a unique glimpse into the lives of ordinary citizens in Algeria, where terrorism was commonplace during the civil conflict of the 1990s. [...]
"This moving film makes no concessions to the criminals and not even tries to give any lessons or make judgments: The director testifies on a society that sinks in violence but she does not forget to show all the 'anonymous' people whose acts of bravery and courage saved the country from the reign of terror. [...]
"The film reminds us that life, joy and hope never left Algerian society. During that difficult time in the past, our children continued to go to school, women lived, worked, organised feasts and encouraged men to resist terror through any way they could." Source: http://chennaionline.com

About the Director: Yasmina Bachir is a French-Algerian Director