Sunday, October 7, 2007

Saudi Filmmakers Explore Film Genres

"SAUDIS now want to be part of the region’s filmmaking industry. Those who have achieved something have proved they are tough, reliable and strong enough to stay and welcome others as they develop.

The passion for filmmaking among Saudis has spread, especially in the past four years. It probably began when Haifa Al-Mansour, the first-ever Saudi filmmaker, produced a seven-minute short film entitled 'Who'.

Following her debut, the old belief that filming in Saudi Arabia had no future began to die. Advertising agencies started to support and nurture young talent and now the Saudi film industry is growing. This summer has been witness to the birth of three films that have been produced, directed and played by Saudis.

The movie — 'The Forgotten Village' — is a horror movie by Abdullah Abu Talib. It premiered in Cairo on Aug. 21. The documentary on Saudis in the US by Fahmi Farahat debutted on Sept. 8 in Los Angeles. The short film, entitled 'Stick With It' premiered in Jeddah and has been directed by Anggi Makki."

Source: Arab News (Saudi Arabia), August 30, 2007 by Razan Baker