Thursday, October 25, 2007

A Tunisian movie on a failed indoctrination by Islamists

Making off (2006)

Director: Nouri Bouzid
Script Writer: Nouri Bouzid
Cast: Lofti Abdell, Afef Ben Mahmoud, Fatima Ben Saïdane, Foued Litaiem.
Release Date: November 14, 2006 (Tunisia)

Genre: Drama
Country: Tunisia
Time: 115 min

About the Movie: "Twenty-five-year-old Bahta (Lotfi Abdelli) has no job, no degree and no prospects. His one passion is breakdancing, but even that outlet is regularly and violently repressed by the cops.

"His cab driver father disapproves of his idle ways and even his mother's (Fatma Ben Saidane) fierce love seemingly cannot bestow self-worth on him. His girlfriend Souad (Afef Ben Mahmoud), fed up with Bahta's shenanigans, is pursuing a singing career or another man or both.

"The American war in Iraq [...] closes the door to Europe, the traditional escape hatch for disenfranchised Tunisians. [...]

"Bahta's latest rebellious stunt, stealing his cousin's police uniform and theatrically lording it over patrons at a cafe, concludes with him on the run from real cops. The incident brings him to the attention of fundamentalists led by a funerary engraver (Lotfi Dziri), who offers the overgrown boy acceptance and advice in the form of misogynistic diatribes and tirades against 'sinful' song, dance and art. [...]

"'Making off' is the story of a failed indoctrination. [...]" Source:

About the Director: Nouri Bouzid is a Tunisian director. In "Making off", Nouri Bouzid wanted to show how radical Islamists turn youths into suicide bombers, and why some young Muslims are attracted to the idea of violence.