Monday, October 1, 2007

Popular MBC Ramadan TV series

Read the article "Ramadan: On the Small Screen" by Hussein Shobokshi
in Asharq Al Awsat newspaper.

Baini we Beinak (Between Us)

Director: Saed Al Huwari
TV Channel: MBC (Saudi-run comapny broadcasting, headquartered in the United Arab Emirates,
Cast: Rashed Al Shamrani, Fayez Malki and Hasan Aseeri
Genre: Comedy
About the TV serie: A Comedy series that tells the story of three men, each leading a different lifestyle. Mifreh, who lives in a small village, enjoys the normal and quiet life. Miz’al, on the other hand, lives a miserable life in the dessert. He lives in poverty and has to deal with his horrible wife. As for Tarek, he lives the life of the city. Source:

Tash Ma Tash 15

TV Channel: MBC
Cast: Nasser Al Qasabi, Abdullah Al Sadhan
Genre: Comedy
About the TV serie: Tash ma Tash is a satire comedy series [aired for 15 years] that covers various social matters in the Saudi community. In each episode, the two stars of the show, Abdullah Al Sadhan and Naser Al Qasabi, presents different characters facing different issues from the Saudi community. Source:

Bab El Hara (The Neighborhood’s Gate)

Director: Basam Al Mula
TV Channel: MBC
Cast: Abbas El Nouri, Mona Wassef
Genre: Drama
About the TV Serie: The events of this series take place in 1929 in a small neighborhood called Al Dabe’ located in the City of Al Sham in Syria. After a theft incident that takes place in the neighborhood, many dramatic incidents follow like murders, accusations and injust in that once peaceful village. Source:

Al Malik Farouq (King Farouq)

Director: Hatem Ali
TV Channel: MBC
Cast: Tim Hassan, Mineh Al Fadali, Izat Abu Aouf, Wafa’ Amer, Mahmoud Juneidi
Genre: History/ Drama
About the TV Serie: This series tells the story of the last king of Egypt (Farouq I) starting from the day he was born till his burial that took place in Egypt. Source: