Sunday, October 28, 2007

A Perspective on Casablanca

À Casablanca les Anges Ne Volent Pas (In Casablanca Angels don't fly, 2004)

Director: Mohamed Asli
Script Writer: Mohamed Asli
Cast: Abdessamed Miftah El Kheir, Abderrazak el Badaoui, Rachid El Hazmir, Leila El Ahyani, Abdelaziz Essghyr
Release year: 2004, Cannes Film Festival
Genre: Drama
Country: Morocco/Italy
Time: 94 min.

About the movie:
The experiences of a trio of migrant workers in a Casablanca café are sympathetically explored in this accomplished debut feature from Moroccan director Mohamed Asli. Regularly sending money back to their families in the countryside, the men refuse to give up on their dreams, even in the face of the harsh realities of both urban and rural life. The result is an imaginative, credible work whose comic touches don’t obscure the suffering endured by its characters and the remote communities they’ve left behind.

About the Director: Born in 1957, the Moroccan director Mohamed Asli entered outstandingly in the universe of the features with "A Casablanca, les angels ne volent pas". Source: