Sunday, October 21, 2007

A fascinating Egyptian movie dealing with Terrorism

Al Irhabi (The Terrorist, 1994)

Director: Nader Galal
Script Writer: Lenine El-Ramli
Cast: Adel Imam, Ahmed Rateb, Hanan Shawki, Sherine Ibrahim, Youssraoussri, Mahida Youssri, Zalah Zolfaka

About the movie: "Al-Irhabi was produced in 1994 with private funding [...]

"In the movie, Imam plays a terrorist who, during the confusion of a bungled attack, ends up recovering on the couch of the kind of bourgeois, secular family who he most hates. He realizes that he was wrong about them, and bonds with the family over the Egyptian national football team [...].

"After he's exposed, he tries to return to the family to plead his case and demonstrate that he's changed, but his terrorist ex-colleagues murder him. [...]"

About the director: Nadel Galal is an Egyptian director son of actress and movie producer Ms Queeny, born in Lebanon.