Monday, October 1, 2007

Egyptian Ramadan serie dealing with sexual abuse

Qadeyat Ra'i A'am (A case of public opinion)

Director: Mohamed Azizia
TV Channel: Dubai TV
Cast: Youssra (famous and beautiful Egyptian actress), Samir Sabri, Gamal Ismail, Sami El Adl
Genre: Drama
About the TV Serie: "Youssra plays Abla Abdel-Rahman, head of the pediatric department at Qasr Al Aini Hospital, the perfect wife and mother of two, who is kidnapped and raped while driving home with a fellow female physician and a pregnant nurse.

"The hospital from which they have set off is distant, they are late; and the three armed rapists find it relatively easy to accomplish their task. When the nightmare is over the women return to their lives - only to realise they have an even worse nightmare ahead of them: the very, very complicated task of how to deal with what happened.

"The storyline recounts how each goes about resolving the dilemma of whether to report the incident and take on the incumbent shame or to keep it a secret and suffer the psychological damage in isolation. But when the nurse loses her child and goes into a coma as a result, Abdel-Rahman decides to broach the issue.

"Bad move, apparently: her decision to report the incident to the police instantly stigmatises Abdel-Rahman, whose very husband - a fellow doctor who is happy to perform miscarriages illegally but won't accept the shame of his wife's body having been violated - can no longer live with her. Initially he gives her the choice of directing him back to where the rape took place or separating, but then he decides the sheer humiliation she has brought upon him and the children is unbearable." [...]
Source: Al Ahram Weekly Online, September 20-26, 2007